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Speaker Output Jack Wiring - Grounding. What is "ground"? If you read only a little about amplifier circuits, you will soon encounter the term "ground", or "earth". "Ground" means a common reference point or potential voltage, assumed to be "zero volts".. Warning: Tigertronics has not verified the accuracy of all of the radio wiring information that is provided here. This information is provided for reference only and is NOT intended to replace our detailed jumper installation procedure. It is essential that you double-check this information against your radio's manual before doing the actual installation.. Click on photo for larger view: Fender® Vintage Amp (60s Blackface and 70s Silverface) Power Tube Socket replacement kit. For vintage Fender® amps (NOT Reissues!) from the original blackface and silverface eras which have two power tubes (6L6 or 6V6)..

At J.R. Clancy, we've partnered on rigging systems for thousands of venues worldwide since 1885. So whether your facility is a grand opera house or a local high school, you can trust us to give you the theatre equipment that meets your unique artistic, technical, and budget needs.. A stock BJr has only 1 8 ohm output. The other jack is the footswitch jack for the Fat switch. You can unplug the 8 ohm speaker and plug in the 16 if you want to hear what it sounds like.. It is very easy to become a Genuine Eminence Dealer! There is a $500 minimum requirement for your first order when purchasing products from the Genuine Eminence distribution line..

· To adjust the frequency by a larger amount, you can press the Tuning control to enter MHz mode. While in MHz mode, rotate the Tuning control to adjust the frequency in steps of 1 MHz. Press the Tuning control again to exit MHz mode and adjust the frequency using the normal step frequency.. The brown wire from Raduino goes to the black wire from the BITX DDS; The red wire from Raduino goes to the brown wire from the BITX DDS; The BNC antenna connector must be not more than 2 inches way from the antenna connector on the board.

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